Farm at Harding

Corner of Woodland Avenue and Kitchell Road, Harding, New Jersey 

In 2019 the Township of Harding approached HQM Properties, Inc. to purchase the Farm at Harding.   HQM Properties, Inc. created L & T Affordable Housing Urban Renewal Corporation and in November 2020 L & T Affordable Housing Urban Renewal Corporation purchased the property located at the corner of Woodland Avenue & Kitchell Road.

The Farm at Harding, completed in 2006, is features 24 modern townhouses for low- and moderate-income families.    

In 2021 L&T Affordable broke ground on 4 additional apartments and a satellite office on the site. This additional development was made possible by a generous donation of $325,000 from the municipality and a $700,000 grant from the State of New Jersey’s Housing Trust Fund.

These affordable homes have a 30-year deed restriction and offset the Township of Harding’s state affordable housing obligation.

Unique Features:  The entire site was designed to replicate a farm setting with barns and outbuildings.  The Township of Harding’s Planning Board approved all variances and the Township waived all municipal fees to reduce the overall cost of the new construction. 


The purchase price of the property was $950,000.

The total development cost for the new 4 apartments is $1,436,990 and was financed as follows:

NJ Housing Trust Fund   $700,000

Municipal Donations      $325,000


Lakeland Bank   $1,200,000 (for purchase & rehab work)

Lakeland Bank   $400,000 (for new construction)